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Lebron James' Tweet

Posted on: January 12, 2011 9:14 pm
Man, this is getting old! All that bitterness is still around, spewing nonsense after incoherent nonsence from people who don't even know all the facts. Yeah, going on television and uttering that famous line didn't do him any favors. I mean, where were his public relations people? But, essentially, it was nothing but a major NBA super star who had enough of propping up a team full of role-players that was not going to win the Larry O'Brien trophy anytime soon. Just like any other career in any field, people yearn for personal success, especially Type A personalities in the sports world like LeBron James .

Do you know that it was 2 and 1/2 million dollars that Lebron James donated to the Boy's and Girl's Clubs of America? Yes, it was the proceeds from ad sales during the showing during "the decsion", but lots of good came from it. I just don't get it. If you're a lawyer in a mediocre firm and you get to defend petty criminals for a living, wouldn't you jump at the chance to go work for the one of the top legal firms in the region and be recognized as one of the best at what you do? Of course you would and you can substitute whatever profession you like and the end result will be the same. It's called upward mobility and it's as American as apple pie.

Karma is an Eastern philosophy that pretty much states that you reap what you you sow. The Cav's owner blurted out almost every negative word in the dictionary in insulting Lebron for doing what Gilbert himself has done in life. Leave one job for a better job. Gilbert started as a small time lawyer and then bought a small mortgage firm then he transformed it into a successful lender which then was bought by Quicken Loans and then he eventually bought it back and is now a billionaire. See? He didn't stay put. He worked his way into a better financial and personal position when given the chance. Just like Lebron.

This whole thing about "oh you better get a police motorcade and watch your backside Lebron when you go to so and so..." is so ridiculous that it begs to wonder. Are fans that fanatical these days that they ponder physical harm? Seriously? I say you try it. Just you and Lebron in a bare-knuckles fight in a dark back alley. Ok, going too far there...Karma is meant for those who have harmed others. Did Lebron really harm the city of Cleveland? No, he gave seven great years to the city and the owner and general manager could never surround him with enough talent to get over the hump.

The frantic venemous vitriol that came out of Cav'z owner Dan Gilbert's mouth was over the top embarassing and prophetic in a twisted sort of way. Gilbert launched words like "curse" and "coward" and "betrayal" in a classless open letter to Cavaliers fans. He's one of 30 NBA owners and he should be held to a higher standard. Lebron was not pleased with the working conditions at his current job so he left for a better job with more chance at success; plain and simple. Like those in the mob say, "it's nothing personal, it's just business". So, karma has found its way to Dan Gilbert's doorstep. Fittingly. The Cavs are worse than ever; ever since the Heat came to visit. And Gilbert should thank Lebron for showing what a hypocrite he really is.
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