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Fans expectations of Derek Rose

Posted on: March 13, 2013 7:34 pm
Everyone should realize that an avid and devoted sports fan that has an emotional attachment to a team is virtually unreasonable. People who invest so much energy into supporting a team have unrealistic and irrational beliefs; essentially living vicariously through his/or her team's successes and failures. 

Some sports fans are so fanatical that they schedule rumbles against a rival team's supporters around the world in soccer. When the Jets play the Dolphins, there's always fights in the stands. Some crucial losses even result in suicides. So irrationality is part of the fabric of the ardent sports fan. 

Fans see a rich and young NBA player, like Derek Rose, who is medically cleared to play by independent medical professionals and wonder why he's not in uniform and competing. The average sports fan is hard working and used to making sacrifices just to make ends meet and succeed. I've been guilty as such in the past being a Miami sports fan whose Dolphins have been irrelevant for a long time. I cringe at some f the personnel decisions that have been made and, as misiry loves company, share my thoughts with friends over aa few beers here and there.

So, yes, it's fair to a point to criticize someone for not lacing up if he's healthy. Rose should play. He's financially set for life because of the game of basketball. Time to play, even though I'm not as irrational a fan as some of my friends, I understand the frustration of a a sports fan. I want my sports icons to fight through injury and struggles to lead my team to victories and championships. A healthy player who is sheepish about playing while healthy just blows up the sports fans' collective image of a sports hero like a Derek Rose.
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